Will Apple Launch A Search Engine?

Apple has developed many apps and devices over the years since it established business. It creates and launches only the best products, whether small or big. Hence, it became one of the most popular and one of the biggest tech companies in the world. The team of experts at the company are always planning to develop and launch new products and services. Customers and the public are, therefore, still on edge and waiting for the latest news. There is an exciting buzz going around at the moment. If it happens, then it will be one of the biggest things to happen in recent times.

So What Is The Buzz About?

As you can learn from the title, the buzz is about Apple planning to launch a search engine. At present, there are many search engines in operation. So, some people might think about why there is any need for another one. But tech companies continue to work hard and conduct research to develop better products. They want to make it simpler for everyone to use the internet. If Apple brings out its search engine, internet users will have more choices and companies will be salivating for their attention. Everyone from e-commerce and online dating to free local fuck sites and review websites will be clamoring to reach the top of a search engine that could finally break up the strangle hold that Google has on organic search.

Reasons Why Apple Might Be Launching A Search Engine:

  • As per reports, for years, Apple and Google have had a deal that requires Apple device users to use Google as the default search engine. But according to the grapevine, the contract might expire soon. Thus, it is probably one of the reasons for Apple deciding to develop a new search engine.
  • The desire to compete with Google could also be another reason Apple decided to launch one of their search engines. With the number of internet users increasing daily, the demand for newer and better search engines will only rise. So, Apple can give fair competition to Google and other companies.
  • Apple is the most valuable company in the world today. Hence, they do not need Google’s money anymore.
  • The team at Apple are experts and visionaries who like to develop new and more advanced things. Since they have the brains and materials, they may have decided to create a search engine with more advanced features.
  • Traditionally and historically speaking, Apple has always done things differently. They also like to make things that are unique and more sophisticated. So, the motivation to create a search engine unique from others could be one more reason to launch a new search engine.
  • Apple has updated several things in recent times. As a result, their devices can bypass Google without any trouble.

Does Apple Benefit In Any Way If It Launches A Search Engine?

It is a question that everybody has in their mind. Naturally, Apple will undoubtedly benefit from the launch.

  • Firstly, it will cut down the monopoly that Google has in the field of search engines. There will be more competition in the market, and it will balance the whole thing.
  • Secondly, Apple can promote new products and those that might be struggling at the moment.
  • Thirdly, Apple’s services will benefit from the promotion of apps in search results.
  • App developers will be able to promote their apps in search results with the extension of Apple’s ad serving platform.
  • The company can continue to control and clamp on the “Apple Ecosystem.” It will make users rely more on personalized search results. It will happen when services and products become accessible only through the company’s search engine.
  • SEOs will have to adapt to Apple’s search engine if it captures a large share in the market.


All said and done; everything is in speculation at the moment, though. The company may never develop and release a search engine. They may launch one but not so soon. It can take years since Apple likes to make everything perfect. The company will not release a poorly made or half made product. According to some experts, Apple might already have created and installed in their devices. 

Many things are possible to happen and to have occurred. If Apple does launch a search engine, it will be the public that benefits the most. Until that time, tech enthusiasts, Apple users, and everyone else can only wait and see what happens in the near future.